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*Southern CT Announcements*


** Captain Meetings **


Captain meetings will be held on:
Tuesday, September 11th at Tennis Club of Trumbull, 61 Monroe Tnpk, Trumbull 7:00pm     
Thursday, September 13th at Chelsea Piers, 1 Blatchley Rd. Stamford at 7:00pm
For the following leagues:
18 & Over Adult spring/summer
55 & Over Adult
40 & Over Mixed Doubles

**New 3.5/4.0/4.5 Tri-Level Rule**

Maximum Rostered Players per level is capped at 6 players per level
although only 4 players will be able to participate in championships.

Any player needing help finding a new team,
please email SCTUSTA@aol.com and we will gladly assist.

Tri Level FAQ

Question: Are courts in a Tri-Level League match defaulted from the bottom up as required in the other leagues?

Answer: No, defaults in the Tri-Level League occur on each level individually due to the multi-level nature of Tri-Level.  While players can play at their level or the level above (.5 higher), they are not required to move up to the next level to fill in if a default will occur in a match.  However, they can choose to play one level up in order to have a full line-up.


New USTA Fees Announced

The USTA Fee for all leagues will be no more than $35 per player beginning in the Fall 2018 Seasons.
(Note: This does not include the Ladies Winter Day 18 & Over League)

New England Sectional Champions!!


Mixed 40 & Over 8.0

Four Seasons Racquet Club in Wilton, CT

Captain: Ernie Biele 


Adult 40 & Over 3.0 Men

Trumbull Racquet Club in Trumbull, CT

Captain: David Ciancimino
Front row: Clodomiro Falcon, Regan Sizer, Jeffrey Pressman, David Lo.  Back row: Greg Francis Sr., Ron Zanchetti, David Ciancimino (C), Robert Desel.  Missing from photo: Charles Akinloye (CIO)

Adult 18 & Over 2.5 Women

Weston Racquet Club in Weston, CT

Captains: Suzanna Quinn, Amelia Otworth



Good Luck at Nationals!



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Southern Connecticut USTA Contacts

Email any and all questions to:


League Coordinators

All Other Leagues

Marie Vizzo

All Other Leagues

Bobbie DeAngelis

Tri-Level & Adult League 55 & Over

Denise Sousa



Rules Questions

Rich Bisk
SCT Sportsmanship Chairperson



Information for Proposing a Regulation Change

Proposed Regulation Change Form


National and Sectional Regulations

Section Contact





Local SCT Regulations

Rich Bisk

Deadline is 2 weeks after the end of each league season





Southern Connecticut USTA

Frequently Asked Questions
(All answers are for informational purposes only.
Please refer to the current Rules and Regulations for the most accurate information.)

What is the rule about using the restroom during the match? Does the player have to ask the permission of an official? Are you only allowed to take a restroom break between sets?
USTA Regulations (not professional) state that a reasonable time is permitted for bon a fide bathroom breaks and toilet breaks may be taken at any time. It is encouraged to take these breaks on changeovers and set breaks if it is not an emergency. If officials are present they must be informed to be sure there is a genuine need and that there is no coaching during the break.

What are the penalties for Tardiness?

From 2015 Southern Connecitcut Local USTA League Rules
Section 3.3

(Similar to 2015 Friend At Court
Part 3, USTA Regulations
Page 125, Table 16)

5 minutes or less: Loss of toss plus 1 game
5:01 - 10 minutes: Loss of toss plus 2 games
10:01 - 15 minutes: Loss of toss plus 3 games
More than 15 minutes: Default of court

How are the teams who are moving onto districts determined?

Please refer to
2016 New England Sectional Regulations
Regulation 7.1, 7.1.1, 7.1.2 for details on any and all exceptions to below.

Generally, if that particular league advances to a District or Sectional championship,
then the following applies:

Any flight in which there are 5 teams or more,
the top two teams in the flight will receive an invitation to advance to the next championship level.

Any flight in which there are 4 teams or less,
the top team in the flight will receive an invitation to advance to the next championship level.

How are the winners of the flight determined?
2016 Southern Connecitcut Local USTA League Rules
Section 3.10

SCTLT will use the 'Indiv. Score' column,
not the 'Team Score' column, to determine team standings.

In the event of a tie at the end of the season refer to Regulation 7.5.

What are the reasons you can ask to reschedule all or any part of a match?
2016 Southern Connecitcut Local USTA League Rules
Section 3.13

Make up matches are allowed only for scheduled matches that are affected by specific holidays, weather, extenuating circumstances and approved contract time conflicts.

Please note: Not having your best players available is NOT an acceptable reason to reschedule a match.


What constitutes a legal match?  
Number of Courts Need to Play minimum
3 court matches 2 courts
4 court matches 3 courts
5 court matches 3 courts

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