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Now is the time to register for a USTA League team!

Register :  Now - September 10, 2018

League Season: Begins September 28

Adult 18 & Over

Adult 55 & Over

Mixed 40 & Over

One Doubles (Tri-Level): September 28 to December 25

The USTA League player fee will increase to $23 per registration for the 2019 USTA League Championship Year effective with registrations beginning August 1, 2018. This will be consistent across all local areas in New England

Here is a link to view the current plan for the upcoming seasons.
We have received a lot of inquiries regarding the layout of the leagues this season.
Please use this as a guideline for informational purposes only.

2019 USTA League for Eastern Connecticut



Annual Captain's Meeting

September 13th @ 6:30 pm
East Lyme Town Hall, 108 Pennsylvania Ave. Niantic, CT


Captain Appreciation Party

September 15th from 2-5 pm
Lyme Shores

New England Sectional Champions!!


3.0 Women (18&Over) :  MIL;All About the Ace.   Captain Jeanne Consiglio.  

Players: Lynn Allen, Dika Nussberg, Sabrina Tuscano, LAURA RUSU, Jen Pillig, Patricia Stosuy, Claire Seifert, Wanling Zhu, Kasia Dobkowski, Sharon Tralies Walsky, Jennifer Urbon


Good Luck at Nationals!



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Victor Niezrecki





Eastern Connecticut USTA

Frequently Asked Questions
(All answers are for informational purposes only.
Please refer to the current Rules and Regulations for the most accurate information.)

What are the penalties for Tardiness?  

From 2014 Eastern Connecitcut Local USTA League Rules
Section 3.3

(Similar to 2015 Friend At Court
Part 3, USTA Regulations
Page 125, Table 16

5 minutes or less: Loss of toss plus 1 game
5:01 - 10 minutes: Loss of toss plus 2 games
10:01 - 15 minutes: Loss of toss plus 3 games
More than 15 minutes: Default of court

How are the teams who are moving onto districts determined?
If that particular league advances to a District or Sectional championship,
then the following applies:

Any flight in which there are 5 teams or more,
the top two teams in the flight will receive an invitation to advance to the next championship level.

Any flight in which there are 4 teams or less,
the top team in the flight will receive an invitation to advance to the next championship level.

How are the winners of the flight determined? ECSLT will use the 'Indiv. Score' column,
not the 'Team Score' column, to determine team standings.

In the event of a tie at the end of the season refer to Section Regulation. 

What are the reasons you can ask to reschedule all or any part of a match? Make up matches are allowed only for scheduled matches that are affected by specific holidays, weather, extenuating circumstances and approved contract time conflicts.

Please note: Not having your best players available is NOT an acceptable reason to reschedule a match.


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